The Perfect Syncretism of History and Creativity——Duolun Road of Shanghai

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Shanghai is a city that full of memory according to its profound historical and cultural background. Since 19th century Shanghai has been insisting on swallowing external culture as the trading ports. Shanghai has an adequate of historical vestiges. Furthermore, different districts have various architecture which display different concessions of foreign countries. In nowadays these kinds of architecture can be seen as special and unique characteristics of cultural and creative industry in Shanghai.

Duolun Road: the old street

The old street of Shanghai could be seen everywhere. According to resources, Duolun Road had been the concession of Japan and America, consequently, the combination of Japanese, American and Chinese cultural element which displayed as stone gate (The Shikumen) lead to the blending of east and west.



Kaola Garden Hotel of Shanghai: Western architecture, the smell of coffee spread around the stone gate of old Shanghai, the English menu, the Chinese young waiter——just like a documentary film of old Shanghai.

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a bar named Old Film( lao dian ying)


e5a49ae4bca6e8b7af2the old street but new building—— Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art