A Creative Industry with Ningbo Characteristics

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As the first creative industries garden in Ningbo, Loft 8, to me, its value lies more in the symbolic meaning that Ningbo government are beginning to develop the creative industry in Ningbo rather than what has actually been done there. Zane Zhu, the host of No Space, said that they would not change their art pursuit to cater for the majority. In fact, with a long tradition of doing business, Ningbo should consider a unique way that different from Beijing or Shanghai. Simply copy will not work. Ningbo has its own advantages. Considering Ningbo’s flourishing manufacturing industry and textile industry, I think more emphasis could be put on industrial design and fashion design etc.

The Relationship Between Creative Industries and Real-estate

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Creative industries and real-estate are closely linked. There is an interactive relationship between them. Creative enterprises should integrate together to form an industrial chain which includes design, production, manufacture and distribution for further development. However, it depends on the developments of infrastructure. A reasonable cost of real-estate is a necessary foundation. At the beginning, the creative enterprises (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) are spontaneous and gather in some places. These places often have low rents and the relatively convenient transportation. So the real-estate is the foundation for the development of creative industries. The creative industries also contribute to the value of real-estate. The development of creative industries will bring many enterprises and elite together. It will raise the value of the real-estate. How to make creative industries combine with the real-estate effectively should be taken into consideration. I suppose that the governmental policy is significant.