Megacity vs. 2nd-Tier City

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According to the three posts, in my opinion, it can be seen that there is distance between big city like Shanghai and Ningbo, in some degree, the gap between them is a bit huge. Shanghai is a megacity that has a mature development in cultural and economic areas. Compared to Shanghai, Ningbo succeed in export economy, however, it has many unnoticed cultural elements, or in other words, there cultural elements have inadequate attention. Our group talked with the host of No Space, he said very few people know about this kind of exhibition even it was free. With little publicity, the lack of attention on creative events and the discrete distribution of the population who are interested in this area may be some reasons of making distance. Government in some part plays an important role in establishing urban creative industries. Ningbo maybe cannot copy the model of Shanghai but it has its own advantages, such as geographical position and economic success.

Some pictures from Loft 8 Ningbo China

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Loft 8 is the first creative industries precinct in Ningbo. The house used to be Ningbo Fangxiang depot built in 1950s. At present, many studios had moved into this precinct already, such as Panda box, No space, Energy black stone design, Ningbo baitian design and ZhengGang studio etc.

According to Yaopu, assistant of the No Space gallery, he pointed out that at this very beginning time, in other words, this is the first step for this young company. They use the money from some foundation to make both ends meet. On the other hand, they put up a perfect bridge between artist and art collector even investors with their professional knowledge which help them to prove their real worth both provider and customer.

No Space blog

Logo of LOFT 8

Loft 8 logo (By Fu Hanqing)The Art post with the Chinese  character  One post with the Chinese character (By Fu Hanqing)

One design studio logo:PandaDesign company Panda box logo (By Fu Hanqing)

Another design studio:no spaceAnother design company No space (By Fu Hanqing)

Guess What's thisBathroom(By Fu Hanqing)