Documentary summary: creative clusters and urban spatial structure in Ningbo

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Compare to Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen where a relatively mature development of creative industry has, Ningbo is experiencing the early stage. Ningbo mainly has four forms of creative clusters.

1. New established industrial park such as Chuangxin 128 of Yinzhou district and Chuang E Hui Gu (Creative Technology Park) of Zhenhai district;

2. Rebuild Creative Park like loft 8 and Hefeng creative square which based on disused old Hefeng cotton mill;

3. Commercial creative park with government support, for instance the Industrial Design Creative Street;

4. Independent enterprise which leads new brand in its industry in Ningbo, like Ningbo Tianzhiying Film, Video and Animation Corporation.

On the one hand, the rise of creative clusters contributes to tinker up the distribution of urban functional districts. Ningbo used to focus on export trade and commercial manufacture. Creative industry is related to citied industry and has characteristics of knowledge-intensive.

Moreover, it has positive effects in contributing to urban functions according to the increasing of creative clusters.

1. Urban economic functional districts will generate from the increasing of creative clusters. Such as the emergence of starred hotels and shopping mall which appropriate for the demands of urban economic operation.

2. Distinctive Industry assemble brings upgrade of enterprise and industrial scale. It is systematic but not dispersive. Once the clusters come into being it will become the symbol of local creative industry and radiate to a national scale. However, large-scale industrial clusters has not generated yet but being attempted.

3. The core power of developing industry is commercial promotion. Even Hollywood has to depend on its commercial operation to achieve global attention. Urban distinctive Industry is an important system of industrial commercialization.

Although in nowadays it has limited relationship with deploying urban construction, Ningbo creative industry aims at becoming a brand new creative incubator for doing own business.

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