Fu Hanqing’s Essay Question (The final one)

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By reading the materials and researching on the migrant workers in  Ningbo, I found that I was interested in the study of mingrant workers. So, I changed my topic.

This essay will discuss the features of migrant workers in the era of Post-Fordism and consider that as the subject of Post-Fordism, how the migrant workers relates to the development of creative industries in Ningbo.

One Comment on “Fu Hanqing’s Essay Question (The final one)”

  1. 1 Ned Rossiter said at 1:54 pm on May 13th, 2009:

    Great to see you changed your topic, Fu Hanqing, and that you are developing this interest in migrant research! Your fieldwork should be of great use for your analysis. In terms of your question as it currently stands – obviously ‘post-Fordism’ will need to be defined, and perhaps questioned/redefined in terms of how it manifests in the context of China and its economies/modes of production/subjectivity. best, Ned

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