Notes about Creative Clusters: Out Of Nowhere

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According to Michael Keane that the form of creative clusters which posted in 2006 in China need to absorb people from outside. In other words they need people who are “boundary spanning”. He suggests that planning is the core element which leads to success or not. In China the participation of government to some certain degree will help creative industry to be ordered and balanceable. For example, in Shanghai, Media Cultural Park where is rebuild from Shanghai Window Hook Factory now absorb many design studios and companies which produce film and video for advertisements. As the gate keeper said the government of Shanghai supervises this creative cluster and insures that the retired and laid-off workers of Window Hook Factory could get access to work. Because of the government’s effort this area is successfully attract investments from outside. In term of Ningbo, there are inadequate talented people and governmental supervision, especially in taxation, territory, governmental subsidy, social financing and the set up of polynary invested mechanism (Nie and Wang 2008). Moreover, Michael Keane mentions “learning region” in which knowledge can be absorbed and transformed easily often be the reason why government prefer to promote the exploration of clusters. One typical phenomenon is that in China many cities, no matter rich or poor, tend to develop creative clusters, however, this method is not fit for all the cities in China. As Michael Keane critics that the establishment of creative clusters need the investment of profound professional knowledge in exploring, detecting and exploiting jus like Silicon Valley. In Ningbo creative clusters are developing at a primary stage. In Loft 8 there are many design studios. The studio No Space is always be the place that holds exhibitions like art and photographic exhibition. Nevertheless, the popularity is low because the lack of propaganda. In addition, the scarce of planning also lead to low attention on creative cluster in Ningbo. In other words, the creative clusters need to be expand and complete in angles of globality, function and forward looking (Nie and Wang 2008).


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