Ningbo: Creative Industry, or just Creative Companies?

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There are two main indexes to judge whether creative industry or creative economy has shaped in a place. To view from the content, the place which has creative industry always has industrial design, architectural design, cartoon creation, computer games, film & TV production, advertisement project, products design, handicraft making, the trade of work of art, music & performing arts, fashion design, and so on. To view from the market, the place which has creative economy usually has creative industry chain included the training of talents for creative industry, creative project planner, marketing strategy of creative products, consumer-orientation and government policies for supporting the creative industry.

According to these two indexes, creative industry has not yet shaped in Ningbo. Because creative trades in Ningbo just concentrates on a few areas like TV production, advertisement project and fashion design. And the development level of creative industry is inferior to it in metropolis like Shanghai, Beijing and Hongkong. Besides, creative industry chain has not shaped in Ningbo too. First, government support to creative industry in Ningbo is far from enough. The host of loft 8 said that actually Ningbo government does not completely know what creative industry is. For them, creative industry is meaningful for the image of Ningbo. Secondly, creative industry in Ningbo lacks of talents. People in Ningbo tend to work in not culture-related areas but economy-related areas. Thirdly, under the control of aesthetic taste, consumers in Ningbo do not pay for the creative products. To sum up, maybe we can say that there is no creative industry but creative companies in Ningbo.

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