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The awareness of a global eco-crisis is growing…

E-waste (from televisions, computers, cell phones and so on) recycling brings poisonous fumes and heavy metals which are harm to human body.

Maxwell and Miller mentioned two major recycling centers (Guiyu in Guangdong Province and Luqiao Qu in Zhejiang province). I also find a paper “Environmental contamination from electronic waste recycling at Guiyu, southeast China” which gives more details about the heavy pollution in Guiyu.

Maxwell and Miller indicated sustainable development which means we preserve the environment in order to using resource to meet human needs not only in the present, but also for future generations.

Actually, Chinese government also claims sustainable development. There is a political framework about E-waste recycling system. In China,Regulation on Waste Imports for Environmental Protection and Management (Interim) was issued in 1996. It points out that imports of e-waste are illegal.


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