Some Notes from Government Report of Renewable Resource Recycling Planning in Ningbo Cixi

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From 1949 to 1991, renewable resource in Cixi was recycled by Cixi Supply and Marketing Cooperative. After 1991, huge amount of peasants got into this field, and began to shape the new renewable resource recycling network. Until the end of 2007, there were 513 households under licence for work in the renewable resource recycling industry. The statistics from the end of the 2007 are that nearly fifty thousand people worked in this industry, and most of them are migrant workers and people without fixed duties. Basically they are lack of license. They gathered these waste products from residential area and garbage bin. It is a very primitive way to collect these renewable resources.

At present, the widespread phenomenon is that, they competition for gathering waste iron, steel, copper, scrap, waste paper. However pay less attention on glasses and the waste household appliances and computer because these waste products need more professional knowledge for them. In addition, the technical content is higher then waste metals. It seems too tough for them. As mentioned before members in this recycling field are mostly peasants and migrant works.


They use tricycle to collect waste products

For salvage station, the majorities are illegal and set up at random. They stock these waste products outdoor or set up the buildings constructed without licence. Furthermore they sorting, dismantling, and processing these at the same place. Thus it definitely became the pollutant for city.


One of the reclamation depot in Ningbo


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慈溪市供销合作社联合社2009,慈溪市可再生资源回收网络体系建设规划, 来源 于2009年4月8日

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