Essay Question (Yao Xiaoxiao)

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Based on Li Zhang’s article ‘private homes, distinct lifestyles’, my essay question is: To what extent does real estate advertising in Ningbo build the imagination of a ‘new middle-class’?

Li Zhang considered the real estate developers in China are not only selling the house to people but also constructing new notions of ‘the middle class’, especially through advertising. By investigating a number of advertising of housing in Ningbo, I want to explore whether there exist a distinct so-called middle class culture conveyed by real estate advertising.

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  1. 1 Ned Rossiter said at 1:58 pm on May 13th, 2009:

    This is also a very clearly framed question, Yao Xiaoxiao. I really liked your posting where you deconstruct the use of English as a signifier of taste and class in advertising billboards. I can see how that will come into play with this essay. Both of your postings on literature, however, draw on Li Zhang. Your essay will need to broaden the scope of references/sources; this will also help test Li’s thesis in terms of how useful it is in the context of Ningbo’s real-estate.

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