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  • Tianzi  Fang
  • The 8 Bridge
  • Media Culture Park
  • Duolun Road

Menu or Magazine?

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Menu or Magazine?

Cover Page

290320091521Content Page

辛香汇(Spicy Joint)is one of the most famous Sichuan Cuisine Restaurants in Shanghai.

u2008121232424Branch Store on Huaihai Road

As everyone knows in Shanghai, customers should book two months in advance or even three months to get their seats. Otherwise, you must waiting for several hours for your seats, and the waiting time depends on your luck.

This time our group take an interest in their unusual menu, take look at this.


290320091524Fashion information page

Could you imagine this is a menu for this restaurant? This menu journal is come out every month and designed by this restaurant company. It is consist of their menu, latest fashion information and advertisements from famous business enterprises. It is important that you can take away this after your dining, it is free.

For everyone, when you waiting for your dinner, you can look at this, when you lack of newest gossip with your friends, you can take look at this, even you take your chance with your seat during waiting time. Because it is true that sometime you need spend 2 or 3 hours to get your own seats in Spicy Joint.

290320091525Advertisement Page

Restaurant could take back money from their advertising revenue. So, it has Multi-benefit for advertiser, restaurant and customer.

Bullfrog with Chili Sauce

Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil

Rice in Vegetable Soup

The 8 Bridge :A Fashion Landmark

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The 8 Bridge is located in the center of the Shanghai city- Jianguo Middle Road, No.8 to No.10.


dscf01121 Entrance Door at both sides of the Jianguo Middle Road

This creative campus was rebuilt from Shanghai Automotive Brake Factory.

The 8 Bridge has its own unique style. At its first floor, designer use the bridge to connect each house and make a convenient communication environment for staff or space.





One of the Bridge

According to Shanghai Real Estate (one of the famous magazine in Shanghai) point out that the 8 Bridge should be the most successful real estate projects in Shanghai among the old factory buildings transformed into commercial real estate.

Since the end of 2004, The Bridge 8 had attracted more than 50 creative industry companies from home and abroad, including construction firms, costume designing, movie production, art gallery, advertisement and PR Agency. Some of them have become the leader in their professional field. Such as S.O.M, which designed Shanghai Jinmao Building. British designer firm ALSOP and France F-emotion, public relations firm.



Company list

dscf01461pic_about_4_mapOrientation of The 8 Bridge

PS: Our group also did some interview from this creative zone.We will post this media product later after we tranlate into English. In addition,two more creative park will post soon.

Crystal Essay Question

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Initial  Title: Evaluate  Creative Industry and Urban Development
in Ningbo

Key words:Creative Industry;Urban Development;Real Estate; Cluster;Creative Class

Shanghai Concert Hall and Chinese alley

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1913578_43142804Shanghai Concert Hall  (By Liu Enhui)

1913578_43142816Shanghai Concert Hall  (By Liu Enhui)

1913578_43142784Shanghai Concert Hall  (By Liu Enhui)

1913578_53270382Chinese old  alley (By Liu Enhui)

1913578_53270432Chinese old  alley  (By Liu Enhui)

1913578_25177673Chinese old  alley  (By Liu Enhui)

2008 Shang Hai Art Biennale

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Exhibition entranceThe Exhibition entrance(Shanghai Art Museum)




luggage haha

The house of Chinese migrant worker (scale down)The house of Chinese migrant worker (scale down)

Shining T-shirtShining T-shirt

Some pictures from Loft 8 Ningbo China

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Loft 8 is the first creative industries precinct in Ningbo. The house used to be Ningbo Fangxiang depot built in 1950s. At present, many studios had moved into this precinct already, such as Panda box, No space, Energy black stone design, Ningbo baitian design and ZhengGang studio etc.

According to Yaopu, assistant of the No Space gallery, he pointed out that at this very beginning time, in other words, this is the first step for this young company. They use the money from some foundation to make both ends meet. On the other hand, they put up a perfect bridge between artist and art collector even investors with their professional knowledge which help them to prove their real worth both provider and customer.

No Space blog

Logo of LOFT 8

Loft 8 logo (By Fu Hanqing)The Art post with the Chinese  character  One post with the Chinese character (By Fu Hanqing)

One design studio logo:PandaDesign company Panda box logo (By Fu Hanqing)

Another design studio:no spaceAnother design company No space (By Fu Hanqing)

Guess What's thisBathroom(By Fu Hanqing)