Xu Shengxi’s Essay Question (modified)

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Modified essay question:
To what extent the developments of creative clusters promote the structure of urban spatial network in contemporary Ningbo?

Make some modifications on the basis of my former one.

One Comment on “Xu Shengxi’s Essay Question (modified)”

  1. 1 Ned Rossiter said at 1:51 pm on May 13th, 2009:

    This is a clearly framed question, Xu Shengxi. As I suggested in class and on the mailing list, questions would also benefit from signalling the key concepts/relevant theoretical literature that will be used. Your question could indicate that it will test Keane’s thesis on clusters, for example, and contrast with Van Heur’s work, or Blackwell, perhaps.

    Also: I would suggest you interrogate the extent to which creative clusters promote urban spatial networks (a term that also needs defining). It would seem that creative clusters facilitate real-estate development, but is this the same as ‘urban spatial networks’?

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