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Initial  Title: Evaluate  Creative Industry and Urban Development
in Ningbo

Key words:Creative Industry;Urban Development;Real Estate; Cluster;Creative Class

Essay Question-Vicky

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My essay question  is Evaluation of the combination of creative industry and tourism: The case study of ‘C.C City DIY Studio’ in Ningbo. “ C.C City DIY Studio is the first DIY theme park in China which combined tourism, handicraft design and education. It is located in Ci Cheng Town which is the most ancient in Ningbo. This essay will apply Sassen ‘s theory of ” global city” to examine it is professional differentiation of Ningbo as a second tier city  in national scale or global scale.


               C.C City Logo                                 Ci Cheng Town



Changes in the Ningbo city

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The Sanjiankou Area
It is the junction area of the three rivers: the Yao River, the Yong River, and the Fenghua River, now is the commercial center of the Ningbo City.

                                             The Old Sanjiangkou

                    The New Sanjiangkou



The Tianyi Square

It is the biggest and most famous business center in Ningbo. It was finished in 2003. The superficial measure of area reaches to over 200,000 meters squared. The total budget is 14 hundred millions RMB. It is the biggest comprehensive commercial center in China.  It has a wide selection of restaurants and shops selling clothing, jewelry, furniture, mobile phones, and imported goods. 

                              The original location of the Tianyi Square 


                            The Tianyi Square Now